Is my donation tax exempt?

The Latin America Training Network is a tax-exempt organization, registered with the Internal Revenue Service and authorized to give tax exempt receipts to the full extent of the law. All donations will receive a tax-exempt receipt. The bylaws state that the Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and religious purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Where is the legal office of LATN?

map-iconThe legal office of LA TN is in Hollywood, Florida. The address is:

Latin America Training Network, Inc.,
3325 Hollywood Blvd.,
Suite 400-B
Hollywood, FL  33021

For whom does LATN receive funds or raise funds?

LATN  receives and distributes funds for organizations which are in alignment with LATN’s purpose which is: to facilitate Christian leadership development throughout Latin America and beyond. The funds granted must also be used in compliance with at least one of the stated objectives of LATN (see the objectives below).  However, before LATN is able to send funds to an organization, a grant agreement between LATN and the organization must be signed by both entities in order to comply with IRS standards and regulations.  For more information, please contact Charles Libby at chas.libby@latn.org

What are LATN’s corporate objectives?

The purpose of LATN is to facilitate Christian leadership development in Latin America and beyond by means of:

  • Support of specific programs which develop Christian leadership;
  • Support of Christian leaders engaged in credible, recognized educational programs;
  • Promotion of strategies and initiatives which support the growth and nurturing of skills and the use of the Bible;
  • Support for general purposes related to expenses that assist in greater effectiveness in training leaders, including such purposes as funding libraries, personnel and/or programs, student scholarships, educational institutions.

Why is LATN’s overhead almost non-existent?

None of LATN’s directors receive remuneration for their important leadership in the foundation. Neither does LATN have a building to maintain or employees to pay. Thus, LATN’s overhead is very low. The only expenses paid by LATN are fees required by the government and for professional services which provides legal advice and assistance.

What  % does Paypal earn from each donation?

PayPal charges 2.2% plus $0.30 per donations  for donations made to LATN.

Does LATN charge an administrative fee for its services?

Until the foundation gets to a size where more administrative help is needed, LATN will not charge a service fee; only expenses (such as fees for wire transfers, mail costs, etc.).  However, if the administrative load gets too heavy, it will be necessary to charge for administrative help.

Is LATN a denominational foundation?

LATN is not a denominational foundation even though two of the three board members have membership in Evangelical Free Church of America churches.  LATN is a kingdom-minded ministry that seeks to cooperate with other organizations of like-mind, vision, and foundational beliefs.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to engage directly with a Christian leader or a partner institution in the region rather than partner with them through LATN?

There are several reasons why it is wise to partner with LATN and gifting a donation rather than giving directly to an institution overseas. If a tax deductible receipt is desired, then the donation must be given through an organization which has tax exempt status with the IRS. Also, LA TN has a vetting process for recipients of donations and is concerned that funds are distributed correctly as well as used appropriately and wisely.

Is investing in leadership and theological training a wise investment?

Investing in Christian leaders by equipping them with solid biblical and leadership training is one of the most effective ways to strengthen an entire church, denomination or organization.  As the Spanish-speaking Church assumes greater roles on the global platform through a growing interdependence, great wisdom and discernment will be needed.  A good understanding of the Word of God and a fresh, biblical approach to how leadership is done, are essential tools used by the Holy Spirit to guide the Church forward to meet the needs in those ministry contexts in which these men and women of God serve in ministry.

Why Latin America?

The church in Latin America is rapidly rising in terms of influence and engagement on the global stage of evangelical leadership and movements. The Latin American Church is experiencing great growth in many areas of the region where some of the largest churches in the world may be found. The church in Latin America is also assuming greater responsibility for sending missionaries and making disciples of all nations. Has more Latin Americans are trained and equipped for high-level ministry, the church grow stronger. Focusing on strengthening the church in Latin America by training leaders/pastors is historically strategic. The global church cannot afford to neglect the training of the leaders of a growing body of leaders who desire the equipping help which is not always available.

How can I be a financial partner?

Donations are received two ways: a check maybe sent to the Address mentioned above (Hollywood, Florida); or a direct deposit through PayPal will be sent to ProMETA’s Citibank account.

Can our organization use the services of LATN for receiving donations?

LATN would be honored to partner with your organization as long as your organization is in alignment with ProMETA’s purposes. The partnership will require a written document which will state the purpose and goals of the relationship. A ministry grant application will need to be filled out which will clarify the reasons and purposes for the donation. Your organization may inquire by sending an email to Arthur Denyer (ajdenyer@gmail.com) or Charles Libby (chas.libby@gmail.com).

If you have any questions, please contact one of the above directors at the email given.