The Board of Directors leads LATN.  Although there is room to add more directors in the near future, it currently has the following three board members:


Arthur Denyer

Arthur Denyer, President and Director:  Arthur has 25+ years of experience in market research, consumer behavior and product development; through his consultancy firm, SIMER SA, he has helped develop several well-known international brand names in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. Arthur is passionate about training Christian leaders, and has been doing that for the past 20+ years in the Christian camping ministry, in several local churches, and through specialized ministry outreaches. Arthur’s personal passion is being able to witness the “aha” moment when God produces a breakthrough in someone´s mind and heart. Arthur lives in Costa Rica with his wife and two teenage kids, and is currently serving with his local church and two international Christian ministries.

Charles Libby

Charles Libby, Secretary and Director: Charles is an international trainer employed by NOKIA. Charles spent his early years in Colombia as a missionary child. Charles currently lives in Rockford and spends nearly half his time as a Tech trainer in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, and many others. Charles also has a Masters in educational technology and has served as a consultant to various missions and secular organizations in both information technology and distance learning.  Currently is working on setting up an on-line learning company to help engineers find out about the details of advanced telephony technologies.



Walter Quintero

Walter Quintero, Treasurer and Director:  Walter has 20+ years of experience in the field of Information Technology and a background in Computer Engineering. He has assisted multiple non-profit organization with technology assessment and implementation. Walter is passionate about serving at his local church and using his spiritual gift and talent to help other ministries fulfill their goals.

At this time LATN has no staff or employees other than the Board of Directors. All three directors serve as volunteers and receive no remuneration for their services. However, we anticipate that in the future there will be a need to hire administrative staff to assist with tasks and responsibilities associated with the foundation.